Factory Built Houses

A factory built house can offer you more house for the money, and is a popular choice for families buying their first homes, retirees, and others.

What is a Factory Built House?

The factory built modular homes of today are not the mobile homes, manufactured homes or trailers of the past. These houses look like site built homes and work like site built homes. They appraise, finance and insure just like a site built home, and no one would ever know that your new house was put together in a climate-controlled, specialized factory that builds factory built modular homes. Factory built houses are not only a good alternative to a site built home, but may even offer higher quality for a lower cost. According to http://www.bobvila.com/HowTo_Library/Modular_Homes_Make_Sense-Building_Systems-A1854.html, factory built modular homes are homes built in a factory, typically assembly line style. The units are then transported to your site, put on the newly laid foundation, and attached together.

Factory built houses are fully customizable. You can choose a wide variety of layouts, room arrangements, and details for your factory built house. Your factory built house can even be designed by an architect. You can have a small ranch factory built house or a multi-story large home using the same practical, high quality modular components.

Why Do People Choose Factory Built Houses?

Factory built modular homes can be less expensive and less time consuming to build than a site built home. While the foundation is being laid at your building site, the pieces of your home are being built in the factory, allowing you to move into your new home much sooner. Once your foundation is laid and all the modular components of your factory built house are completed, they will be transported to your site on flatbed trucks and placed with a crane. Depending upon trims and finishing, your new home could be ready for you to move in in just a few short weeks.

Factory built modular homes stand up well to storms and high winds, thanks to the amount of materials used in their construction. This also improves the energy efficiency of factory built houses in comparison to site built housing. The fact that factory built modular houses are built in a factory allows you to avoid the additional time and expenses associated with weather, pests and other problems that commonly occur in traditional home construction.

What You Should Know about Factory Built Modular Homes

Factory built modular homes meet all site built home standards, and are subject to the same inspections as a site built home. Financing standards are also the same as site built homes. Insurance, appraisals and appreciation of your factory built house will be just the same as a site built house as well, making a factory built house a wise investment in your future. The only real difference you will see will be in a 5-25% lower price tag and a faster move in time.

Unlike manufactured homes, you are not stuck with the company's layout or products. You will also not have to worry about depreciation, poor quality materials, or other problems that have plagued the manufactured home industry. Your new factory built house will fit in perfectly with your neighbors' site built homes because, really, it is no different at all. You just shopped smart and got the highest quality house for your money thanks to smart modern technology and manufacturing.

Getting Started on Your New Factory Built House

If you are interested in factory built modular houses, you will need to work with both a local builder and a modular home company. Your builder may be able to suggest a factory built house manufacturer for your home. Many factory built house manufacturers are located on the east coast, and some may only ship to certain states due to building codes, shipping preferences and other logistic concerns. You may wish to check out some of the following companies as you consider building a new factory built house. Building Systems Network offers custom design modular homes, or you can choose your home from a variety of plans. Champion Homes offers a variety of modular home options. Http://www.modularhomesguide.com/ can help you search through a variety of factory built house providers to find the one that is right for you and your area.

While factory built houses use brand name materials, you may not have a great deal of choice in which brand. If a specific brand matters greatly to you, you may be able to have those items left out of the modular construction and added as a part of the finish work on your factory built house. Take the time to think about future plans in your modular home, and design a layout that can grow with your family and lifestyle. The lower cost and higher quality of factory built modular homes may allow you more house for your money.

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